Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Poetry three


layers upon layers…
Where sleep the molecules of memory…?
How awakens their captain bringing to the light of horizons
sightings of messages
moving thoughts…?
Is it desire blowing through deserts
of loss
of pain
of confusion-
or the nostalgia of joy and pleasure-
that spark flames of feeling,
who if fed forests of wanting
would blaze uncontrollably…?

And if retreating in time
I go to meet that past-
the present receding
(not being among the heart’s favourites)
-to arrange, shuffle
examine and relive
layers of excavation-
what new land
amongst the many islands of unknowing
could I inhabit…?
Returning from such a journey
would not opaque separation still reign?

Rocchetta Ligure, Italy August 6, 2003


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