Saturday, August 27, 2005

Poetry eight (Sestina: A Soldier's Song)

Sestina: A Soldier’s Song

All young men as they feel Solitary,
Find their hearts want for fame, thus they Hope.
Seeing life’s daily news excites always War,
And like bread and sleep unreported passes Peace
Thus a soldier’s name might fan across blue Sky
To satisfy his call to glory, a wish in all Innocence.

Can we blame for this Hope?
Hometown boredom can’t compare to War,
Where stars inspire desire set in the Sky.
What can life offer to souls not at Peace?
Looking ’round he laments: Passing, my youth’s Innocence!
Thus excitement lures lives so Solitary.

And so they are sent to foreign War.
In the life of nations none retain Innocence:
States and economies profit not by Peace;
In business and competition none can remain Solitary.
While greed and ignorance like clouds cover Sky,
Our son thus off to battle- not to die, his first Hope.

Mission after mission praying first to the Sky:
If this be the day I might find death’s Peace
Before our maker also my enemy calls in Innocence,
Each alike in task, and before fear, a soul Solitary:
Just a death complete is my secret Hope
And not half a man returned from this War.

Yet sadly, received home he rests in final Peace.
A family grieves their tattered Hope,
Yet consoled: he’ll always be a hero of War.
Though in each passing year, a grave’s cross Solitary:
Earth, by her indifferent Innocence
Forgets our soldier lying silent under the one Sky.

And now- where are songs of Hope?
Bombs and mourning still score the Sky!
Our nations divided, truth is hardly Solitary
Where the choice of violence reigns over Peace.
Brothers fight brothers on the fronts of War:
In the sand runs equally their blood red Innocence.

Thus, where be found true Peace
When tongues spoke many a different Hope?
War never plants love, though love remains under a yearning Sky.

Bologna, Italy August 27, 2005


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